Let them dance

Dance anywhere.

Grass, concrete, or carpet. Even the occasional beach. Rent a BicknerNW DanceFloor and dance the night away under the lights — or under the stars.

Be spontaneous.

Think it’s too late to book a dance floor? Think again.
We understand that you’ve got to dance when the spirit says dance.


Large Inventory.

We provide some of the largest (and smallest) dance floors in Seattle.

And additional new inventory of white and black floor is coming Fall 2019! At that point, we’ll be able to provide 42’ by 42’ floors in white and oak, 39’ by 39’ in black, and it boggles the mind to think how much checkerboard that will make. White floors also look great with a black border!

Loving Logistics.

At BicknerNW, we love well-planned logistics.

If needed, we’ll fit seamlessly into your tight event schedule at no extra charge. If not needed, flexibility is always appreciated so we can accommodate other customers’ needs—not to mention our own.